Inside Reeb: Inaugural Reeb Summer Engagement Fellow, Mac Gordon

Published 08-09-2022 in

Meet Mac, our 2022 Reeb Summer Engagement Fellow!

Howdy! My name is Mac and I am a senior at Ohio State University studying sociology. This summer at Reeb I have the pleasure of doing community engagement work as well as developing some behind the scenes projects for our basic needs program, Love Kindness. I do everything from restock and distribution to creating new and sustainable methods of inventory tracking. Currently, I’m working on an appointment system for Love Kindness so we can increase outreach to our south side neighbors.

My work with Love Kindness has allowed me to learn how to efficiently keep track of the products at our center. For this, I’ve learned how to use Sortly, a small scale inventory management system, that has been really helpful in my work. With Sortly up and running, I’ve been able to shift my focus from counting stock to gathering data. Every week, I go into the closet and figure out how much of each product was used and then write it down. This gives me the ability to track our usage and make spreadsheets which will eventually be presented to our board of directors! 

In addition to the Love Kindness program, I have presented to our CEO about data progress, and an appointments system. The Love Kindness cards are great because when they are eventually distributed by select south side nonprofits, a stamp on the card will help us both address the neighbor in need, and understand where they might be coming from outreach wise. This method helps with data collection so that we can better serve our neighbors. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity this internship has given me so far, and I am very happy to share that I will be continuing my work with Reeb over the next coming months!

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